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Helping Clients for more than 35 Years

When you connect with James Schloner, Attorney, you are gaining a strong partner who will get you paid what you deserve. He is a powerhouse who will get your worker's comp benefits for wage loss, medical bills, and for your injury. If you are hurt at work, you will have many different issues and obstacles come up. If the insurance company is telling you no, Mr. Schloner can utilize the legal channels to have them say yes to what you need.

Having James Schloner represent can be beneficial since:

  • Insurance companies have entire departments dedicated to denying paying you what you deserve
  • With his experience, getting his clients millions of dollars in worker's comp payments
  • When you are hurt and the medical bills are piling up while you cannot work, he can help get the medical bills get paid

Call James Schloner today at (612) 252-3303 for your free consultation with an esteemed Minneapolis workers compensation lawyer.

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