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Are You Receiving 3 Workers' Compensation Benefits You're Entitled to By Law?

If you have sustained a work-related injury that results in your being unable to work, you could be entitled to three main benefits (there can be others others as well). These include wage benefits, medical benefits, and disability (either permanent or partial, depending upon an authorized medical doctor's finding).

Your wage benefits are based upon a percentage of what you earned during the months before your accident occurred.

Your medical benefits are paid for by your employer and their insurance – and there's no deductible for you to pay. You should not receive direct bills for this. Your doctor will
give you a Permanent Partial Disability rating that will determine the amount of disability you are entitled to. Medical benefits can include any necessary rehabilitation, re-training, and mileage to doctors' office visits, among others.

During the time you are injured and unable to work (healing), you may also qualify for temporary total disability.

My name is James N. Schloner, Attorney.  For over 25 years, my legal team and I have helped workers’ compensation and personal injury clients in Minnesota, including Coon Rapids learn about these and other benefits that they deserve under the law. As an experienced workers' compensation lawyer, I understand the technicalities of successfully handling a workers' comp case, and helping you get the benefits you could be entitled to. 

After an injury, you may feel stressed and vulnerable; this is when you'll want an advocate who can deal with employers and at times adversarial insurance companies on your behalf. I will work hard to defend you, answer your questions, and help you understand the process of filing your workers' compensation case.

Want to learn more? You can learn more about me and my experience by clicking here.

I would like to invite you to call me today at  (612) 252-3303 for a free consultation. I'll answer your questions, and if we determine that your case should be litigated, will work to help you receive the 3 benefits you deserve by law after a work-related injury that prevents your ability to work. . .

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