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Skilled, Experienced Representation for Your Duluth Workers Compensation Case 

Do you live in Duluth, and have experienced a work-related injury? I can help.

My name is James N. Schloner, Attorney. I have practiced law in Minnesota for 30 years and as a workers' comp and personal injury lawyer for over 25. My clients benefit from these decades of experience. .  

When I work with a client, I have 3 main goals:

  • To offer personalized service. I will meet with you in person, answer any questions you might have, and update you frequently about how the case is progressing. You aren’t a “number” to me, but a valued client.
  • To fight on your behalf as an advocate who can help you deal with employers and possibly adversarial insurance companies. With over 25 years experience in successfully handling workers’ comp and personal injury cases, I know the law in depth, and use this knowledge to your benefit. 
  • To work towards helping your case be settled as quickly as possible, and help you get the compensation and benefits you deserve

I have helped with cases involving neck injury, lower back injury, spinal cord injury, traumatic head injury, closed head injury, knee tears, stress and wear and tear on joints (including carpal tunnel), fracture, and loss of a limb, to name a few.

My firm and I have assisted literally thousands, handling their cases successfully. I can help you through the process, including understanding the timeframes for any hearings, helping you get work status and other required forms, and advising you on how to file your claim. . I will fight hard to you, to help you recover lost wages, medical and rehabilitation bill coverage, and any disability benefits that are due you.

My first consultation is free. And if you and I determine that you have a case that requires litigation, your case will be handled on a contingency basis: our firm doesn’t recover unless you do.  

 Call James N. Schloner, Attorney at  (612) 252-3303. I’ll answer your questions, and help you understand the next step to take.

 Want to learn more? You can visit my About Us page to learn more about me, or my workers’ compensation services page and personal injury services page to learn more about our firm’s services



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