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If You Have a Work-Related Injury, You Want an Experienced Workers' Compensation  Lawyer

If you are a resident of Eagen, and have experienced a work-related or other injury, there's help: the firm of James N. Schloner, attorney. Over the past 25 years, we have assisted thousands of clients throughout Minnesota successfully with work-related injury (workers' compensation) and personal injury cases.

After an injury at work, you need to first take steps to protect yourself (since employers and insurance companies rarely will). I have a proven track record throughout the
Minneapolis area, including Eagen, MN, for handling workers' compensation claims and acting as a strong client advocate.

I will fight for you, to insure that you receive the workers' comp benefits you are entitled to. . Even though few, if any workers’ compensation lawyers in the Minneapolis area have the experience and track record my firm does, I believe in making my services accessible and affordable to those who have experienced a work-related injury.

My first consultation is free. And if we determine that you have a case that requires litigation, I work on a contingency basis: I don’t recover any fees unless you do.

I know the law, and the benefits that are your right. These can include:

  • Wage loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Long term disability
  • Permanent disability
  • Temporary disability
  • Social security disability
  • Mileage to doctor’s offices
  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation & Re-Training
  • Widows benefits
  •   …and others.

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 I also practice personal injury law.

A personal injury, such as from an automobile accident or dog bite, or other causes, can be life changing.  It can cause traumatic head injury, concussion, back or neck injury
or spinal cord injury. This is when having professional representation by an experienced personal injury attorney can make a difference.

The law requires fair compensation for any work time lost, as well as medical treatment for the disabling effects that occur after an automobile or personal injury accident.

I can help you through the legal tangle, and will act as your advocate to ensure that you receive the compensation that the law provides for, including coverage for medical bills, and having insurance pay for any required specialized equipment or home care.

Call me today at  (612) 252-3303 for a free consultation. I'll answer your questions, and if we determine that your case requires a workers' comp attorney's services, I will work hard to help you receive the benefits you deserve. .

Want to learn more? You can learn about my experience and background by visiting the About Us page.

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