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Even If Your Workers' Comp Claim Was Denied, You Can Receive Help.

Whether you are filing a workers' comp claim in Minnetonka for the first time, or your claim has been denied, our firm can help. Our experienced professional workers' comp and personal injury lawyers have successfully handled thousands of claims, and helped individuals whose workers' comp claim was originally denied to get the compensation and benefits they deserve.

Workers' compensation claims can be denied by insurance companies for several reasons, from saying that the company doesn't believe your injuries are due to an accident that occurred at work, to saying that yes, you were hurt, but can still work; or that the injury occurred while you were coming or going from work.

In situations like these, you need a strong advocate, who will fight on your behalf, dealing with employers and insurance companies.

My name is James N. Schloner, Attorney,  and I've been practicing 'law since 1983, and for over 25 years as a workers' compensation and personal injury lawyer. I've seen
almost every possible counter-claim that insurance companies and adjusters can use.

Most importantly, I provide my clients with professional advice, answering their questions and helping them understand their rights under the law. This can include both wage compensation and disability benefits after a work-related injury. .

Call today at (612) 252-3303 for a free consultation. I'll determine whether your case requires the services of a workers’ compensation lawyer, and if so, how I can help you
receive the benefits and compensation you deserve. I'll answer your questions, and have my experienced team of professionals work on your case.

Unlike some firms, you'll hear from me frequently, keeping you updated on how your case is going. I'm never too busy to take the time to keep you informed.

My firm also practices personal injury law. If you have experienced injury from a dog bite, automobile accident, or wrongful death has occurred, I can help.

Would you like to learn more? You can visit the about us page, where there's informaton about my experience and background. Or call me today at (612) 252-3303 for a free initial consultation.

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