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 If Your Work-Related Injury Occurred in Plymouth, MN:

What Workers Compensation Benefits Could You Be Entitled To? 

Each workers’ comp case is different. In general, if you live in Plymouth, MN and have been disabled due to a work related injury, you could be entitled to the following benefits:

Medical Benefits: Your employer is required by Minnesota law to have insurance to cover medical costs related to treatment of an injury that occurred while you were at work, including inpatient care, medical, dental, physical therapy, and ongoing rehabilitation, if required, among others. If your employer does not have insurance, the state does provide coverage. In addition, mileage to and from doctor’s visits is covered. You have the right to receive good medical care; and to request a change of physician if you can prove you are receiving inadequate or poor care from the current doctor your employer has provided.. 

Temporary Total Disability: If you are completely unable to work while you are healing from a work injury, you could quality for this benefit. We can help you understand how the payments work, and the documentation required to receive this benefit. 

Permanent Partial Disability: It is best to have already filed a claim for Workers’ compensation during the healing period if it is evident that there will be long-term disability from the injury. Remember, employers and insurance companies will not try to protect your interest during this time; their goal is to settle your claim for the minimum amount possible. This is why having a strong advocate on your behalf, who understands your rights under the law, is important. .

Permanent Total Disability: If a work related injury causes you to be unable to return to work for the remainder of your life, you would receive this benefit.

Death Benefits: if death occurs during the course of work, the employee’s dependents (the widow, until remarriage, and children).are entitled to this benefit.

You may also be eligible for lost wages, pain and suffering, and other compensation. This is when talking to an attorney experienced in workers compensation can help. Your questions will be answered, and you will be helped to understand your rights under the law – and the steps to take next.

James N. Schloner, Attorney, is one of the most respected firms in Minneapolis. Schloner has practiced law in Minnesota for 30 years, and for 25 years has provided clients throughout Minnesota with skilled, experienced representation for workers' comp and personal injury cases.

The first consultation is free. We invite you to call our firm at  (612) 252-3303 to schedule a consultation at your convenience. We’ll answer your questions, and if we determine that your case requires representation by a workers’ compensation lawyer, will work to help you receive the workers’ comp benefits you are entitled to. .

We work on a contingency basis: we are paid only if you recover, so there is no out-of-pocket expense to you. Our goal? For you to receive representation by an experienced attorney with a proven track record in workers’ comp and personal injury cases. . 

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