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After you are injured at work, your world suddenly changes. Before the employer liked your productivity, energy, and drive. Now, the employer acts like you're a problem not a solution. Trying to navigate your way thru the Workers' Compensation system is like trying to drive a car blind folded. In contrast, the insurance company has gone down this same road innumerable times.

To make your situation less stressful, he can:

  • Provide you with a free consultation
  • Use his unique experience in workers compensation cases to help you get paid
  • Draw from his many successful cases to reassure you

James Schloner Attorney has been serving client for over 35 years with skilled legal representation. He can help you pursue the fair compensation you deserve to cover expenses associated with being hurt as a result of work. Attorney Schloner is excited to help workers take on the insurance companies and employers so they can receive the compensation they deserve.

It excites me to represent you and to turn the tables on the insurance company. So I thank you for the privilege of representing you. Many work compensation benefits are available to you including payment for lost wages, payment for permanent injury, total disability, and medical bills. So I invite you to allow yourself to learn the value of this information. Maybe you can stop and imagine a time say six months from now where you won your case and gotten paid what you're owed and find yourself looking back on this as the start. Join me on this journey of getting paid including payment for a permanent injury, payment for total disability, payment having to do a lower paying job, and payment for wage loss. If you make the call, then you protect your future. When you make the connection now to me as I sense it, put the work compensation powerhouse in your corner. As you discover yourself getting more excited about what I have to say, it’s not necessary to find yourself growing truly eager to learn more. Yes, today won’t it be great after you’ve picked up the phone and called me now, then you can smile that smile of satisfaction sigh to yourself on the inside and think this is the greatest decision I have ever made.

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